I founded Studio S after graduating with a Master’s Degree from Central Saint Martins in 2013. I had a clear vision of presenting a new point of view in the fashion industry. Because of my love for art, in the beginning the collections were inspired only by art; art movements, artists and paintings. The focus was primarily on avant-garde couture.

In March 2018, that focus shifted when we launched our first retail collection titled Boss Lady. The collection was designed specifically for the modern woman. It provided college students and working women with a professional looking wardrobe. It offered all women, whether working or not, with an alternative to the traditional three piece lawn staple that dominated the market, especially when it came to everyday dressing. It gave women a new option.

I felt that what we wear can be such a strong statement of where we see ourselves in the world. And with the Boss Lady collection the idea was for all women to unleash their inner BOSS!

Boss Lady was an instant hit and remains our most successful collection ever, taking on a life of its own and becoming a cult brand. And thus the Boss Lady Revolution was born. The response has been so encouraging that Studio S will launch two Boss Lady collections a year, a Spring/Summer and an Autumn/Winter. The hope is for it to grow stronger with each year and every collection!

One of the most important lessons we were taught at my MA course at Saint Martins was to cause a disruption in whatever creative industry we (the students) were a part of. The Boss Lady collection is the disruption I’m most proud of! I have a special love for all the Boss Ladies who have embraced the brand wholeheartedly and the loyal Studio S family we have created along the way.

Forever grateful,


Seher Tareen

Founder and Creative Director

Studio S