The Brand

Studio S is a high fashion label that prides itself in paying homage to the arts. Whether it is a painting, an artist or an art movement, each collection draws inspiration from a chosen art form. In this way, we are reinventing a muse that is timeless, reimagining genius. Our aim is to create haute couture that is both classic and avant-garde, in equal measure.

The Designer

Seher Tareen is the CEO and creative head of Studio S. In 2012 she received a Masters Degree, with distinction, from Central Saint Martins, London. With a specially designed thesis focusing on art curation, on returning to Lahore after graduation, she decided to merge her passion for art with fashion, her favourite form of creative expression. Thus, in 2013, Studio S was established as a high fashion label that sought to reinvent high art as high fashion, to create wearable art and to innovate in the fashion industry.

The Studio

When it came to the interior design of our studio, we decided to continue with the Studio S ethos of merging the classic and the contemporary to make for a balanced, but bold, statement. The studio has been meticulously designed by real estate and design firm ARC. Keeping a neutral grey palette with strong insertions of brass, repurposing elements such as spotlights as light installations adds that extra edge and hand drawn fashion illustrations put a personal signature on the space. These are some of the ways we have poured love into our studio. After all, this is where the magic happens.